Windows Escribe

+++Wichtige Information+++

Wenn du das erste mal in deinem Leben für deinen DNA Mod EScribe installierst, bitte erst ganz unten die EScribe Suite 2.0 SP13 Final installieren. Danach bitte die oberste Datei EScribe Suite 2.0 SP19 drüber installieren. Nur dann wird dein DNA C Mod erkannt!

EScribe Suite 2.0 SP19 (update)

— DNA 250 Color (firmware 1.1 SP38) —
Fixed a firmware crash that could occasionally come up when the device had been idle for a while.
Fixed spurious Temperature Protected errors that could crop up in certain high-CPU themes with Replay off.
— DNA Go (firmware 1.1 SP38) —
Fixed a firmware crash that could occasionally come up when the device had been idle for a while.
— EScribe —
In Display tab -> Device Monitor, ‚Remove Readout‘ no longer crashes.
— Production Utility —
Firmware -> Browse no longer crashes.
DNA Go now does Fire Tests correctly.


EScribe Suite 2.0 SP18

Wen du nun doppelklick auf ein .ecig file machst, öffnet sich nun ein ecig installer (wie bei Themes und Theme Installer)
— EScribe Suite —
Fixed MacOS Mojave kompatibilität.
Kleinere Fehler behoben.


EScribe Suite 2.0 SP17

— DNA Go (firmware 1.1 SP37) —
Improved the LED response to lock/unlock.
— DNA 250 Color (firmware 1.1 SP35) —
Improved the deep sleep behavior.
— Theme Designer —
Fixed a crash on Linux when moving controls.
— EScribe Suite —
DNA Go support.
Minor bug fixes.


EScribe Suite 2.0 SP15.1

— EScribe —
File -> New now asks questions to avoid some configuration when resetting a device’s settings. (This should ease Replay setup on DNA 75 Color.)
— EScribe Suite —
Minor bug fixes, cosmetic, and usability improvements.


EScribe Suite 2.0 SP15

(Dies ist nur ein Service Pack, die Escribe Version ganz unten muss vorher installiert sein)

— DNA 75 Color (firmware 1.2 SP33.2) —
Replay (International Edition only). To use Replay:
(1) Apply the Service Pack.
(2) Choose a profile to put Replay on. Check „Use Replay on this profile“, and name it how you like. (For most people, the easiest way to use Replay is to choose a profile whose material is Watts.)
(3) Load on a theme with Replay support. (The default theme has Replay support. Go to the Theme tab and click Default Theme, and upload.)
— DNA 250 Color (firmware 1.2 SP33.2) —
Minor bug fixes and reorganization.
— Theme Designer —
Double-clicking now works when a control has multiple conditions.
The default DNA Color theme now uses 0.5W increments instead of 0.1W increments.
— EScribe Suite —
Made tooltips show up on fields now instead of just their labels, and added some new tooltips.
Permission errors on save/load are now more descriptive.
Upgraded many icons to high-DPI variants.
Minor bug fixes and usability improvements.


 EScribe Suite 2.0 SP13 Final

Achtung: Nur diese Version beinhaltet den PK Modus für 250C, aus allen neueren Versionen wurde es entfernt!

-Bekannt ist nur:DNA250C unterstützung nebst Replay (nicht für 75C)